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Supporting our Immune System Function

A healthy immune system is critical for optimal wellness as it protects us against harmful pathogens that enter our body from the outside (e.g. viruses, bacteria, fungi) or harmful changes that occur inside our body. There are two fundamental and complementary subsystems within the immune system, known as the innate (non-specific) immune system and the adaptive (specific) immune system. The innate (non- specific) branch of the immune system provides a consistent defense against harmful germs and substances, no matter how often an antigen is encountered. The adaptive (specific) immune system, however, improves upon repeated exposure to a given infection; it creates antibodies specific to an invading organism. Unfortunately, our immune system can be damaged by many factors including stress, lifestyle, inadequate nutrition, age, environmental toxins, and inflammation. Symptoms of an impaired/dysfunctional immune system: • Innate immune response could be: frequent upper respiratory tract infections, recurrent warts, herpes, boils or abscesses, chronic tinea infections; • Adaptive immune response could be: autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, infections that progress to more serious conditions. In short, supporting your immune system through healthy life choices is critical to ensure that your body is capable of mounting a proper defense against unwanted pathogens and keeping you healthy overall.

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