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Ear Seeding (Auricular Therapy)

Not quite sure acupuncture is the right fit for you but interested in addressing an issue from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective? Then try ear seeding! Ear seeding (or auricular therapy) is the placement of small black seeds onto specific acupressure points on the ear. The ear seeds are affixed to the ear utilizing a small piece of adhesive tape or bandage and can be left on the ear anywhere from 3-5 days even with showering and sleeping. This treatment is non-invasive as it does not require traditional acupuncture needles.

Ear seeding is beneficial for conditions such as:

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Stress
• Hormone Balance
• Insomnia
• Allergies


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• Weight Loss

• Pain Management

• Migraines / Headaches

• Addiction

• Digestive Disturbances

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