Wellness Packages

We believe that when you are experiencing a health condition or any type of trauma to the body, combining the services of our practitioners will accelerate the healing process and ensure that you are getting the comprehensive care you need. As such, we offer wellness packages specifically designed to provide targeted, collaborative care.

Please note, due to the high demand for massage therapy services, appointments for packages that include massage therapy may need to be booked 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

Improve your Mobility Package - 3.0 hours
Any changes to mobility can be challenging so why not facilitate recovery with a targeted approach. Spend 35 minutes in our infrared sauna to aid in reducing inflammation, and then work with both our Chiropractor and Acupuncturist.You will finish this package with a one hour, personalized massage with our Registered Massage Therapist to ensure your healing is being addressed comprehensively.  


*With extended medical, up to $279.00 of this package may be reimbursed.  

Stress and Tension Relief Package - 2.25 Hours 

This package is all about self care! Spend 35 minutes detoxifying in our infrared sauna, then enjoy a 45 minute foot reflexology session and foot massage to aid in identifying any road blocks to healing. Lastly, you will work with our acupuncturist to promote a greater sense of well-being. 


*With extended medical, up to $159.00 of this package may be reimbursed.

Digestive Health Package – 3.0 hours
Digestively speaking, we all have our moments. However, some people experience more chronic symptoms than others. Come in and speak with our experts who can help you minimize symptoms and effectively manage the issue long term. This package includes 35 minutes in our infrared sauna which is great for alleviating pain and inflammation in the digestive tract, 1 hour with our nutritionist to create you a personalized nutritional plan, and a 45 minute acupuncture session. 

Starting at $259.00

*With extended medical up to $259.00 may be reimbursed.


Nutritional Packages

Lose 10, Get Healthy!
A 4 week personalized nutrition program that addresses both your weight loss goals and your underlying health issues. This package includes body composition, analysis and printout, full health history and assessment with review of recent blood panel, 4 week personalized diet, supplement and exercise plan, 3, one on one coaching sessions with a registered holistic nutritionist and unlimited email support.


Couples Nutrition Package
Are you and a loved one interested in working together to improve your nutrition?  This package includes a full health history and assessment with review of recent blood panel for both, shareable diet, supplement and exercise plan and 2 one on one coaching sessions with a registered holistic nutritionist and unlimited email support.


Whole Body Detox                                                 
A full four week nutritional program that helps your body rid itself of those unwanted chemicals, heavy metals and allergens, while also offering challenges that help to balance the mind. Great for those who suffer from fatigue, general feelings of un-wellness, sleep problems, diets of excess, problems with weight loss and digestive issues. Includes a detox based nutritional plan, weekly challenges,  body composition analysis, 2 bi-weekly support sessions and one month of unlimited sauna sessions.


Meal Plan Your Way to a Healthier You!
In this 4 week program, you will work closely with a nutritionist not only to set goals, but to identify any health issues that may be slowing your progress through blood work and a body composition test. Working with the complete picture, our nutritionist will build you a 4 week personalized health and\or weight loss meal plan that includes grocery lists and applicable recipes to ensure you lose the weight and are eating healthy too!

This package includes a body composition analysis and printout, full health history and review of recent blood panel, 4 weeks of personalized meal planning, 4 weeks of grocery lists and all applicable recipes, 2 one on one coaching sessions with our Registered Holistic Nutritionist and unlimited email support.


Prefer a personalized package designed for your unique health and wellness concerns? Give us a call today!


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