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Infrared Sauna

Infrared energy is a natural, therapeutic property of the sun and its technology has been utilized for almost half a century. It has proven to be a safe and effective way to promote optimal health, as it is currently used in maternity wards to warm newborn babies.  


Our sauna captures the feel good energy that the sun provides. The energy penetrates deep into the tissue, warming and healing you from the inside out. Furthermore, the body absorbs this radiant heat, allowing for agitation of water molecules deep within our fat tissue, and encouraging a release of toxins from the body.  

What is the difference between a traditional and an infrared sauna? 
In a traditional sauna, your body is subjected to significantly higher temperatures (185-230 F) as its technology focuses on heating the air then the body; inducing a sweat response. Infrared technology focuses on heating the body directly through energy absorption, which stimulates and opens detoxification pathways. It induces a powerful sweat reaction as a response to heating your core. Although infrared works on a lower temperature (90-145 F), it allows for a more comfortable but effective environment for guests with chronic conditions, including those with respiratory, and cardiovascular problems.  With the use of a traditional sauna you will release 97% water and 3% toxins. However, utilizing an infrared sauna you will release 80% water and 20% toxins through perspiration.  

Infrared Sauna Tips. To get the best from your infrared sauna session: 
• Hydrate your body at least two hours before your infrared sauna session as you need to provide your body with a means of flushing out toxins.  
• Limit the use of body lotions, oils and deodorants before your session to encourage perspiration and detoxification. 
• Bring a closed water bottle. 
• To get the best infrared sauna experience, maintain a minimum of 2-3 sessions weekly. Feel free to visit us daily.  

What we provide 
• Purified water. 
• Magazines, and music, however feel free to bring in your own reading material. 
• A large towel wrap will be provided and must be used during your session. 
• 30 minutes of continuous sauna usage with 45 minutes of room time will be allotted for your convenience.  
• Earplugs for a completely relaxing experience.  

Post Infrared Sauna Tips 
• Thoroughly wipe yourself down to remove any released toxins. 
• Ensure you re-hydrate. The detoxification process will continue after you leave the center.  
• Replace lost electrolytes to properly re-nourish cells. Lemon or lime water is a great way to accomplish this.  
• Wait at least 30 minutes after your infrared sauna session before showering .

Infrared Sauna Fees

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