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Fueling Your Metabolism to Support Those New Year's Resolutions

With the holidays coming to an end and New Year’s Resolutions in full swing, we often focus on removing specific food items to aid us in achieving our goal of detox or weight loss. Although the removal of sugars and alcohol are always a good start, adding in healthy supportive foods are also an important part of increasing your metabolism and improving your overall health. Below are some specific food items that are considered nutritional powerhouses in regards to increasing your metabolism naturally:

  1. Green Tea: The type of caffeine found in green tea helps give your metabolism a boost while also providing your body with much needed anti-oxidants.

  2. Pineapple: Loaded with the enzyme bromelain which is very helpful in breaking down all types of food.

  3. Papaya: Just as effective as pineapple but with a different enzyme called papain.

  4. Broccoli: A vegetable very high in calcium and vitamin C. In combination these vitamins increase your metabolism.

  5. Grapefruit: Proven to reduce insulin levels. Meaning you burn more calories and store less fat.

  6. Spicy foods: Ever eaten spicy foods and found your tummy is grumbling an hour later? That is because of a chemical compound called capsaicin found in many spices which has a great effect on metabolism.

  7. Plain Yogurt: Never mind its probiotic content, yogurt is full of protein and calcium which keeps your metabolism going all day.

  8. Almonds: Full of essential fatty acids which surprisingly help improve metabolism.

  9. Steel Cut Oatmeal: High in soluble fiber, oatmeal keeps you feeling full longer, balances blood sugars and ensures that you are waking up your metabolism with a hearty meal.

Supporting the body with whole foods during any type of nutritional change is just as important as removing the food items that are considered “unhealthy” and are often eaten in excess around the holidays. Keep in mind that food items such as sugars, alcohol and refined carbohydrates deplete the body of its vitamins and minerals over time, and so ensuring that you are replenishing with whole, enzyme rich and metabolism boosting foods will only further support you in meeting your goals of improving your overall health. Are you finding managing healthy eating a bit challenging? Book in an hour with Kirsten Janz, RHN to get some personalized tips and tricks to help support your efforts! 604-479-0777 or

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