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Achieving a Faster Metabolism

Those of us plagued with a slower metabolism and subsequent weight issues often envy those who can eat anything and not gain an inch. But the truth is only 38 percent of Canadians are actually considered to be a healthy weight according to a study done by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada in 2008. So what can the other 62 percent of us do? Well, we essentially have to work at it a bit more, and that’s where I come in.

Natural health and healing has been around for centuries, but unfortunately it has been lost in our modern day society. As the world gets faster our food gets more convenient, which subsequently means it is full of excess calories, sugars, and chemicals which are going in, but unfortunately are not coming out. Our bodies are not working optimally and that is because we are choosing foods that are putting too much pressure on our digestive systems, which in the end is causing our bodies to become stagnant and weight to be put on.

Many of my clients ask if there is a way for them to eat the foods they crave without gaining the extra pounds. My answer to them is always the same: of course there is. When working with clients, the misconception I often have to address is that a nutritionist does not only tell you to eat fruits and vegetables. Truthfully, I love my sweets and I have my vices just like everybody else, but I have learned to manage the most important component of healthy eating; everything must be consumed in moderation. This fundamental principle is the basis of all dietary recommendations made to my clients, and if followed by the majority of people, we would be sure to see a decrease in the 62 percent.

We also need to ensure that we are not overdoing our favorite things. It is said that variety is the spice of life, but honestly it should also be the spice of food. Our focus needs to be on balancing those occasional rewards with the nutrients our body needs while combining it with an active lifestyle. Achieving health and wellness is also about balance.

After working in this field for over five years, I am convinced now more than ever that even the smallest of changes can make a difference, and that it is important for people to discover what works best for them as individuals, not as a whole. Everyone’s body is unique and we each have our own health struggles, and as such they need to be taken into consideration when starting any new health regimen or weight loss program.

So the next time you get envious of a friend who can eat anything and stay slim, try and incorporate the three main principles above and you may find it is achievable for you as well.

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