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Summer Health Tips

With the warm weather, we often feel more motivated to get outside and do more! However, it is important to ensure we are still looking after our bodies and so here are a simple tips to help us do this:

  1. Stay hydrated! With the warmer weather, our bodies can definitely become dehydrated quicker, so ensure you are drinking your 8-10 glasses of water daily. Not quite sure if you are meeting this recommendation? Fill a 2 liter container and drink only from this for a few days. You will know soon enough if you are drinking the right amount.

  2. Eat fresh. Summer is the best time to get in the light, enzyme rich foods such as salads, fresh fruit such as berries, juices, smoothies, etc. Try and make it a goal to do this at least once daily!

  3. Get the right amount of sun and shade! Enjoy the sunshine but also be cautious not to get too much sun. We all need to increase our vitamin D stores but we also don’t want to burn the skin which we all know can lead to some pretty serious health concerns over time. Ensure that your suntan lotions, sunglasses and hats are on hand and that you are taking breaks in the shade as well.

  4. Disconnect. Leave those cellphones and tablets at home and just enjoy the outdoors. Numerous research studies have shown that we need to connect with nature to improve emotional health and our stress levels. Unfortunately when we are answering texts and phone calls it is very difficult to reap the benefits of outdoor activities so give this a try next time you have outdoor plans!

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