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Healthy Alternatives

Ok so with our busy lifestyles, there are times when we are running errands and have no choice but to stop for fast food somewhere. Some of us feel guilty and others feel downright ashamed when we choose to stop for a burger at McDonald’s so I decided that in order to assuage some of that guilt, I would put together a list of the healthier choices when it comes to fast food.

  1. Chopped Leaf- If you are lucky enough to live near one of their restaurants, you will be eating guilt free. They are probably one of the healthiest fast food places around that do not compromise on flavor and they only utilize fresh, whole food ingredients.

  2. Jugo Juice-Stop for a protein smoothie…yes they are higher in sugar but you can always opt for no sorbet or yogurt or ask for milk instead. They also offer wraps and other food items that are a better alternative.

  3. Thai Express-Usually found in the mall, this fast food option uses only fresh, whole food ingredients and steams most of their dishes utilizing water not oil!

  4. Smak-New healthy fast food restaurant located downtown that is looking to expand. Fingers crossed!

  5. Starbucks-Stop for one of their food boxes that contain crackers, cheese, apple or other goodies. For $5.95 these are not only affordable but great for the health conscious. They also offer wraps and sandwiches made with whole food ingredients.

  6. Tim Horton’s-Although not considered a “healthy” fast food restaurant, it does offer some menu items that in a pinch can still be considered supportive to your health. Try and stick to soup and sandwiches and definitely forego the donuts and cookies

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