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COVID-19 Policies and Protocols


Whole Body Team​

  • All practitioners and staff are required to monitor symptoms daily and comply with the BC COVID Self Assessment tool ( to ensure that they are following the proper protocols as set out by the Provincial Government if showing any illness symptoms.

  • All practitioners and staff are required to fill out a COVID screening form before their shifts begins for the day.

  • Any practitioner or staff may be asked at anytime to wear a non-medical mask during your appointment.


  • All patients are pre-screened for symptoms using our online system via email or in-person before their appointment with us.

  • We RECOMMEND that all patients wear a non-medical mask to all appointment types.

  • All patients are required to wash hands or utilize the hand sanitizer provided before they can be seen by their therapist.

  • All patients have been asked to attend appointments by themselves.

  • Patients are asked to arrive on-time or wait in their vehicles until their appointments to minimize overlap.


  • We have reduced our seating capacity in the waiting area to 2 to ensure proper social distancing and have also put up a sneeze guard to ensure that when a patient is making a payment that the patient as well as the staff member feel safe with a barrier in place.

  • We encourage emailed receipts to be sent to decrease contact.

  • Magazines and fabric chairs and other items have been removed from our waiting area to decrease hand to surface contact.

  • We have added a dedicated HEPA air filter with UV light in the reception area and a special HEPA air filter in our HVAC. We also utilize a UV-C light for a minimum of 15 minutes in our sauna to ensure complete sanitization.

  • All high touch surfaces are disinfected frequently. Individual tables and high touch items are disinfected after each patient and patient belongings are placed in a bin that is also sanitized after each visit.

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